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Welcome to Let‘s Wok

Let‘s wok Restaurant is located in 8A Angus Street, Springburn Glasgow G21 1DN is the place for you and all you need to do is decide what you want to eat.They have all those favorites dishes such as Salt & Chilli Dishes, and ........ Read more


From 4.30pm - 7.30pm

One Chicken or Beef Main Dish from menu

Served with Boiled Rice or Fried Rice or Chips (Noodles £1.20 extra)


Prawn Crackers

with Orders over £20.00


Salt & Chilli Mini Spring

Roll & Prawn Crackers

with Orders over £30.00


Chicken Wings or Salt &

Chilli Bo Bo

Chicken & Prawn Crackers

with Order over £40.00


Special Mixed Platter £8.30

Spare Ribs (2)

Samosa (4)

Chicken Wings (2)

Sesame Prawn Toast (2)

Mini Spring Rolls (4)

Deep Fried Won Ton (2) with Chilli Sauce

Salt & Chilli Platter £8.30

2x chicken balls, 2x ribs,2x chicken wings,

batter chicken & chips

Cans - Irn Bru, Coca Cola, Tango, 7-Up, Red Bull & Pepsi

Bottle - Irn Bru & Coca Cola

ALL in One Box £3.50

(*Choice of Sauce: curry, gravy or Sweet & Sour)
Noodles 80p extra, Mushrooms 50p extra, Onions 50p extra

Chips with Sauce

Fried Rice with Sauce

Boiled Rice with Sauce

Chips & fried rice with Sauce

Chips & Boiled rice with Sauce

10” Munchy Box £17.00

(Served with Curry Sauce)

Salt & Chilli Ribs

Salt & Chilli Chicken

Salt & Chilli Chicken Balls

Salt & Chilli Chicken Wings

Salt & Chilli Mini Spring Rolls

Salt & Chilli Chips

Salt & Chilli Batter Chips

Please inform us if you have any of the following Food Allergies.

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